A walk by the beach

Girl: It’s been long time since we both went on a walk. May we go today?

Boy: (smiled) Yes Sure! I was also thinking on the same lines. But where would we go? All the places are either crowded or not safe enough.

Girl: You are my safe haven. Take me wherever you want us to go. I trust you. Surprise me like you did on our first date.

Boy: Umm! Let’s see. Hmm!!! Where we can go.

(A long thoughtful pause)

Boy: I know a perfect place where we can go on a walk.

Girl: I am excited. Let’s go now. Why wait.

Narrator: Boy laughed and went inside. He came after a while dressed in his tracked suits and with a shawl in his hands.

Boy: I am ready. Also as per our customary tradition, I have brought shawl for you. (Passed a smile at the girl and extended his hands towards in order to take her to the walk).

Narrator: As both step outside, the boy covered the girl with the shawl and went ahead. The girl was very happy and excited as after a long time, she got time to be with her companion. She lay rest head on his long arms, hold his hands and walked syn chronically forward. They were deeply engrossed in each other that they lost the essence of time and location.

They went ahead for a few miles before they reach the beach. Oh! the girl was very excited now.

Girl: WOW! BEACH. You always know how to impress me.

Boy: You are my heart beat. I will do anything to keep that smile on your radiant.

Girl: (Shyly) Offo!! You started to flirt again.

Boy: (Laughing loudly). Is it what you call flirting? I guess I am getting a hang of it. Be with me, so that I can become expert in the field of flirting.

Girl: Leave it. You will never get expert in this. Be.

Narrator: As the girl was speaking, the boy didn’t let her finish her sentence. He blindfolded the girl with his hand around her eyes.

Girl: What are you doing? I am not able to see anything.

Boy: Trust me. The next part is interesting.

Narrator: The boy took the girl is his arms and walked few miles. He then stopped at wooden plank. He lovingly placed the girl in the center of the wooden plank and made her sit in the middle of the plank. The girl was curious and excited at the same time.He slowly opened the eyes of the girl only to be disappointed seeing the darkness around and emptiness of the sea. The girl’s dismal reaction was very much evident on her face .The boy went few steps back.

Boy: (shouting) there is a candle underneath your chair. A match box is kept beside it. Light it and illuminate the thread on the other side of the chair.

Narrator: The girl obediently did what he asked her do. The view amazed her. Her face lit up with the most amazing smile. Her face became radiant as the infant babe.

As she lit the thread with the candle, the thread burnt easily and following the route it supposed to take. It illuminated the series of scented candles, scents of lavender and rose. The scents which the girl love very much. The candles burned and she was surrounded by the candles. She noticed that the candles were kept in sequence forming a shape. As she closely noticed, she recognized that she was standing in the middle of the heart. She was speechless by this gesture. The boy stood there loving every moment of it yet never dared to come close to the girl. He thought that the moment is of the girl and he shouldn’t ruin it. He then directed the girl to the tip of the heart. The girl was very excited now. She went to the side and was accompanied by the boy. As a chivalrous gesture, he took the girl and guided her to a basket.

Girl: I like the surprise. You are the best. You are different.

Boy: Sshh! Wait for the final surprise.

Narrator: A blast of hot gas was blown as the boy turn the knob of something. The girl was confused. After a few minutes, the girl was able to decipher that she was sitting on a hot air balloon. The balloon rose up and flew in the high skies with the crimson moon. The girl couldn’t take her eyes of the scene. She was flying high in the middle of the crimson moon sky. The Warmness of hot air balloon and the care of the boy in the midst of the cool air of the sea and they are flying in the horizon of water and sky.

Boy: A place I choose for you where you can be YOURSELF and never be hurt again……

Narrator: The boy left the place leaving the smile on the girl’s face. He loved her but He chose her happiness of being solitude at the most beautiful place than being part of the point and being a baggage.

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